CRYPTOGOLD operates in the so-called Mining of Altcoins: Bitcoin, BItcoin Cash, Ethereum, CryptoGold Coin and gives you the opportunity to participate in the Mining with small contributions. Company was founded in Germany by three experienced entrepreneurs and has overcome a milestone in the crypto-currency market. The management team consists of the traders, Sascha Senft, Michael Bauer, and Manmohan Lal, who also founded the company”Deutsches Edelmetallhaus” (German precious metal house) and is the author of several reference books on the subject of currencies and gold.

Cryptogold CEO Mao Lal has been running precious metal dealing company Deutsche Edelmetallhaus for over 16 years. The CryptoGold released the gold backed coin CryptoGoldCoin ( CGC) in May 2018. Read more…

Cryptogold CEO Mao Lal – Deutsches Edelmetallhaus GmbH Marzellenstraße 12 50667 Köln

If you wish to receive your profit at CRYPTOGOLD LIFETIME MINING, you can do so worldwide and in any currency.  CRYPTOGOLD Mining owns mining farms in the USA, Austria, Norway and China. How does it work?

CRYPTOGOLD is based in Germany, is registered for international expansion in Dubai, UAE,  guarantees a first-class processing power – real lifetime mining for everyone! CRYPTOGOLD is Strong and Stable Company. How to order the Mining Pool?

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations


Top Offer: Bitcoin ( BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), CryptoGoldCoin (CGC)

Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool



Cryptogold Mining Group currently offer a mine of BITCOIN, ZCASH, DASH, LITECOIN, and ETHEREUM. The mining pools. Each currency has an incredible perspective and is each an advancement in their own section.

Mining is the creative process of the cryptocurrencies, i.e. the digging of gold at a digital level. This process requires a certain know-how and costly hardware without Crypto Gold. The brilliant thing about Crypto Gold is that your investment does not only generate profit due to the appreciation of the coins, but your investment also produces parallel coins. You can either purchase a complete mining pool from $ 50 to $ 5000 at Crypto Gold or invest in pool shares which can be purchased starting from $ 50. Once acquired, the pool is yours for a lifetime. Currently, large systems are already available and are massively expanded to ensure the computing capacity is distributed proportionally.

The Mining profits are credited to your account daily.



How would you like to literally mine for your own cryptocurrency?  It is one thing to buy crypto, it is another to “create” it.  With CryptoGold machines you will be able to create coins every single month.  Let your money work for you.  CryptoGold is German Bitcoin Mining Company for You! Welcome to Crypto Gold Mining Opportunity for Investors!


What does LifeTimeMining mean?

Your mining is active and the daily pay-outs are ensured for as long as the contract is profitable (meaning the pay-outs cover the running costs). In theory, this may take a lifetime, but this practically depends on the level of complexity, the market prices of the digital currencies and the running costs.  If individual coins become uneconomical, CryptoGold can change to another coin and thus counter the inefficiency.

How does the mining work?

It is very simple and quick! Your customer account is activated once we have received payment for your order. Your mining can begin from this point. You already specified BITCOIN, ZCASH, DASH, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM when making your order. Your pay-out is made to your personal wallet address for the respective currency. Please contact us for more informations or read our FAQ.

How do I register as a new user and participate?

To join all you need to do is set up your account. Registration is easy, takes less than 1 minute and it is free. Once you register you can then pick your cryptocurrency you would like to mine. Membership is free so anyone can sign up and see what the company and the products is all about. Get Free access  and Sign Up today.