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CryptoGold business opportunity was founded by three experienced entrepreneurs Sascha Senft, Michael Bauer and Manmohan Lal, who also founded the company “Deutsches Edelmetallhaus” (German precious metal house) and is the author of several reference books on the subject of currencies and gold.

They saw huge potential that mining cryptocurrencys brings and have therefore started their own mining facilities all around the world. They have made contracts for mining and equipments purchases with some of the biggest mining pools on the world like AntPool for example.


Among other planned projects CryptoGold is now partecipating in mining of Bitcoin and alt coins: Ethereum, Litlecoin, Dash, Zcash. Special thing about this company is that they give opportunity to an average small investors to participate in very expensive mining with very small investments starting at just 50$ . If You are looking for a LEGIT Bitcoin mining company, this is the opportunity for You. Cryptogold support is based in Germany and has over 85.000 members.  Cryptogold Mining Group currently offer a mine of BITCOIN, ZCASH, DASH, LITECOIN, and ETHEREUM. The mining pools. Each currency has an incredible perspective and is each an advancement in their own section.

The Cryptogold Affiliate and Compensation Plan

Affiliates for CryptoGold have the the Mining Pools and Gold Coins ( from 14th of January 2018) to offer to people. If you’d like to earn the Residual Commissions join CryptoGold today.

The amount of this ROI is paid to members in the USD. CryptoGold also pays its affiliates referral commissions from investments made in their affiliate clients, members and business partners, and this is done as both a direct and residual payment. If you’d like to join CryptoGold, you’ll need to first pay an affiliate membership fee of $79.

From here, you’ll need to make an investment into the company. While that investment can be as little as $50, choosing to invest $500 or more will allow you to drastically increase your earning potential within the compensation plan.

CryptoGold compensation plan – VIDEO

CryptoGold compensation plan – Binary System to make lucrative commissions to earn
CryptoGold compensation plan – Binary Plan
CryptoGold compensation plan – Binary Plan and Ranks
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CryptoGold compensation plan – Binary Plan and Collaboration
CryptoGold compensation plan – Your Way With CryptoGold


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