Cryptogold News August 2018

Dear users,

we would like to inform you, that the SWAP function is available at the moment in Your BackOffice.

News, trends, background information and more…Here are all the Informations You shall know:

News will be available on our new CryptoGold-Blog. Starting from today you can find all information regarding the topic of crypto on our platform Our team of writers will present new content on a regular basis. No matter if you are a freshman in terms of crypto or a VC-pro, the articles provide information for all, who seek to get more background information on this branch.

The mining results were adjusted again – and in a positive way. With our results, we once again achieve outstanding values in the market comparison.

The losses of the last days will be compensated very fast.

Absolutely NEW and unique to a mining company, CryptoGold is offering its own blog. You must enable cookies / login problem If a user receives this message, he has to switch on and use the LogIn area.

Saved bookmarks cause this error 99% of the time.

Rounding the display in dollars

Due to increased inquiries, we would like to point out again that we all manage our accounts in VC. The dollar value is for guidance only and is not intended as a guide.

The mining earnings

We also want to explain that mining earnings that were less than $ 0.01 at the time of booking are $ 0.00 in the ad. This does not mean that no mining was generated! We round out the display intended for orientation – as usual in commercial practice – to the second decimal place. An ad below a cents would not make sense.

Please keep this knowledge in mind when looking at your accounts.

New Youtube Content online about the Mining Bonus!

A new video has been uploaded on our Youtube Channel. The video contains ( in German) information on how mining bonus are calculated.

Have a nice and successful week.


Your Sponsor: Thomas11


As reported last week, many users are currently receiving the message “Payout blocked by admin”. This message is displayed for users in whose accounts discrepancies have been detected. They do not necessarily have to be self-inflicted and are already checked on individually by us.

Discrepancies include, for example, a negative value in an account or a too low / no payment for a package purchase. If you such a message is displayed, please check the “Available amount” of all your accounts (BTC,ETH, CASH …) first and the amount paid for your package purchases. We are also currently conducting identity checks (KYC). This can also be a reason for a payout lock.

As a company, we are obligated by law to collect and document all customer data according to the EU’s fifth money laundering directive. If we do not receive any documents for review, payouts can also be blocked for the affected account. KYC has to be passed through by the user before his or her first login. Here the user is once again given the possibility to change his customer data in the profile. The corresponding documents must then be sent to If users have multiple accounts, it is sufficient to send the requested documents once to us. Please make sure to give us all your user names.

We would also like to draw attention to the fact that the documents must be sent to the email address mentioned above. If documents are sent to support @ or info @, the processing time can increase significantly. We will unlock you as soon as possible, but the identity check is very time-consuming due to the high number of user. It will take even more time when the documents are not send the right way. We therefore ask you once again for your cooperation: All required documents must be sent to

Cryptogold Infoline News June 2018

  • New in the purchase offer: BCH-Mining hardware shares!

  • Please note, that all Cryptogold Information and Infoline News about CryptoGold in the future via our APP. Download please these app for ANDROID and IOS .

Android- click here.  IOS – click here. 

  • Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation, new guidelines regarding the handling of personal data apply. We have already adjusted our terms and conditions.
    These must be accepted by the users within 14 days after the first login.  Due to legal requirements, all accounts that have not agreed to these terms and conditions are severely restricted in their functionality. The full functionality can be activated via the link “Reactivitaion” placed on the start page.  Of course, the mini-results and the bonuses will be credited in full regardless of the confirmation. The accounts themselves as well as the credits are not touched at any time.
  • The new payout limits have been adjusted as follows:

BTC min. 0.01 and max. 0.3
ETH Min. 0.01 and max. 3
ZCASH Min. 0.01 and max. 7
DASH Min. 0.01 and max. 7
LTC min. 0.01 and max. 10
BCH min. 0.01 and max. 2

You will now also see the limit on the withdrawal request. As soon as this is exceeded or exceeded, an error message appears and informs you about the maximum amount available for payment.  The maximum amount takes into account the fee and has already been deducted there.

You will receive our NEWS in the future via our APP.

  • ETH, LTC, are sold out!
    The last available packages are still for sale.

    Beat now, before all packages are out of print, because we will not offer any other ETH packages at first.

  • SWAP from BCH and BTC

You can buy the BCH packages from 50 USD now. The BCH can not be swapped with other Altcoins. The reason is the underlying hardware. This differs fundamentally and therefore does not allow SWAP from a technical perspective.

CryptoGold News

Dear user! We have a special News for you.


Cryptogold Germany is restoring digital gold with the digital gold coin CGC for all CryptoGold members. Cryptogold is restoring digital gold with the digital gold coin CGC for all CryptoGold members. Cryptogold offers the gold standard.   Read more, read Whitepaper…

Value Advantages of CGC:

  • Real-time visibility and Immutable chain auditing records for transparency and security
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • No timeframe
  • Freely transferable worldwide through digital wallets
  • Assured authenticity
  • Physical gold stored in partner vaults and is always redeemable

Why Gold, why Change?

  • The proven form of investment and long-term capital preservation
  • The CryptoGoldCoin is digitalized physical gold in a secure and confidential manner
  • Shopping with a fixed attachment to the London fixing price and value stability for their own use
  • Trading on various exchanges Exchange
  • A low volatility allows with CryptoGoldCoin as a unit of payment for both businesses and individuals the best operational capability
  • The essence of digital assets is to be a fast, convenient, transparent and secure currency Crypto GoldCoin AGENT
  • Fully automatic software• Keeps track of the ownership of CryptoGoldCoins Trades on the stock exchanges
  • The mandatory requirement to make the physical gold stock traceable and transparent in relation to the number of tokens. Read more…


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CryptoGold Payouts Guide

Dear user,
As an elementary function of the Crypto world, today we are dealing with the question of what there really is to pay attention to when it comes to pay outs.Log in to Your Back Office or Create Your Account now.
1. Balanced accounts

Your accounts should always be balanced. The cash account can be compensated with the help of the button “Transfer to Cash”. All other accounts are cleared by the Daily Mining. We check the plausibility for withdrawals. If this is not correct, no payout will be made, regardless of which coin you wish to withdraw.

2. Wallet is used multiple times

The majority of users have deposited in different accounts the same recipient address (wallet). It is unclear whether these are also used on external sites.Nevertheless, it is generally true that by paying out multiple accounts with the same wallet, the payouts can be automatically aggregated by the blockchain.This only if the payouts land in the same block.

Entering the same wallet on CryptoGold can lead to misunderstandings and give the impression that no payout has taken place. In such cases, Support can not process requests because it is not a systemic error.

Our suggestion:
Keep track of all payouts on the same wallet address and then recalculate the amounts on the wallet, or be careful not to deposit the same wallet that is already in use in another account or on an external page.

3. “To Coin Wallet” vs. “Transfer to Cash”

As mentioned above, the “Transfer to Cash” button is only there to balance the cash account if necessary. If you apply for a withdrawal and use this button, the desired amount will be credited to the cash account. We have noticed many requests for withdrawals, which according to user came to no payout, but we still found the payment in the cash account.

Our tip: If you have made a withdrawal and have not been charged a Transaction Fee, you have selected the “Transfer to Cash” button on the withdrawal and your withdrawal is in your Cash Account.

The button “To Coin Wallet” is always automatically selected, so that when withdrawing to the cash account the button “Transfer to Cash” must be chosen deliberately.

Explanation in short form:

Transfer to Cash = Cash Account
To Coin Wallet = Wallet Wallet
4. E-mail confirmation

After clicking on the “Withdraw” button, you will receive a message that your withdrawal request has been successful. (In blue text also “Withdraw” is below).

A mistake is that the process is already completed. After the click, the withdrawal request must be confirmed. For this we send you an e-mail with integrated link.
Please make sure you are logged in. You must click on this link or copy it into the address bar of your browser.
As soon as you use the link, you will be back in the payout view and will receive confirmation that your request has arrived. (In blue letters below it is “Payout Confirm”).
How do I know that I did not confirm the link?
You can see that on the respective account. With the exception of the “cash account” the fee, the so-called fee, is calculated for all other accounts.
If only the deduction of the fairy is recognizable, the payout has not been confirmed correctly.
If the fee and the desired amount appear in the account in red letters, the request has been successfully completed.
5. Transaction Fee

Many users do not deduct the fairy from the “available amount”.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the system does not deduct these automatically. This is to be done manually . If you receive the message “You can’t request this amount” despite manually deducting the fee, please pay attention to the payout limits:

BTC 0.001 – 0.5
ETH 0.01 – 10
LTC 0.1 – 5
DASH 0.01 – 3
ZCASH 0.1 – 20

The payout limit is the same as described above.
The fairy must be deducted from it.

6. Dashboard

We noticed a lot of requests in the past week for the “wrong” display of the ads in the dashboard. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about the “Daily Mining Cumulated” and “Mining Bonus Since Start” ads.

Daily Mining Cumulated is the ad that shows you all the mining results you’ve received since purchasing a package. This is not a reference value to the “available amount”, because the deductions are not taken into account!
“Mining Bonus Since Start” is the ad that shows you all mining bonuses from your personal structure. Not included are the bonuses from package purchases! These can be found on the “Bonus Since Start” screen.

The “Available Amount” consists of all income and expenses. The above ads are only part of the “Available Amount”


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CryptoGold News The New Farm in Norway

The Cryptogold Mining opened the new plant in the world in Norway which ?? is currently in operation! JT Fox and Mao Lal are on site!

Learn more about our fantastic company and opportunities with concrete tips for you at Bitcoin and finally start the golden age for you. Read more…










Dollar to Bitcoin forecast for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021


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New CGC backed by GOLD soon. Go to your Back Office.


The CryptoGold Coin ( CGC)

Cryptogold Germany is restoring digital gold with the digital gold coin CGC for all CryptoGold members.

Invest in the Golden Future!

Advantage of Digital gold assets: deposited with 100% physical gold.Physical gold in a size of 1 g of gold (per token Ethereum basis).Base price: 3% below market.


Dollar to Bitcoin forecast for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Bitcoin price prediction for March 2018.
In the beginning price at 10409 Dollars. Maximum price $11704, minimum price $7148. The average for the month $9413. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $8391, change for March -19.4%.

BTC to USD predictions for April 2018.
In the beginning price at 8391 Dollars. Maximum price $10953, minimum price $6971. The average for the month $8453. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $7496, change for April -10.7%.

Bitcoin price prediction for May 2018.
In the beginning price at 7496 Dollars. Maximum price $8179, minimum price $7109. The average for the month $7607. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $7644, change for May 2.0%.

In the beginning price at 7644 Dollars. Maximum price $7644, minimum price $5972. The average for the month $6920. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $6421, change for June -16.0%.

Bitcoin price prediction for July 2018.
In the beginning price at 6421 Dollars. Maximum price $7969, minimum price $6421. The average for the month $7065. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $7448, change for July 16.0%.

BTC to USD predictions for August 2018.
In the beginning price at 7448 Dollars. Maximum price $9245, minimum price $7448. The average for the month $8195. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $8640, change for August 16.0%.

Bitcoin price prediction for September 2018.
In the beginning price at 8640 Dollars. Maximum price $10724, minimum price $8640. The average for the month $9507. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $10022, change for September 16.0%.

BTC to USD predictions for October 2018.
In the beginning price at 10022 Dollars. Maximum price $10022, minimum price $8627. The average for the month $9487. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $9276, change for October -7.4%.

Bitcoin price prediction for November 2018.
In the beginning price at 9276 Dollars. Maximum price $11513, minimum price $9276. The average for the month $10206. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $10760, change for November 16.0%.

BTC to USD predictions for December 2018.
In the beginning price at 10760 Dollars. Maximum price $13356, minimum price $10760. The average for the month $11840. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $12482, change for December 16.0%.

Bitcoin price prediction for January 2019.
In the beginning price at 12482 Dollars. Maximum price $14751, minimum price $12482. The average for the month $13375. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $13786, change for January 10.4%.

BTC to USD predictions for February 2019.
In the beginning price at 13786 Dollars. Maximum price $17111, minimum price $13786. The average for the month $15169. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $15992, change for February 16.0%.

Bitcoin price prediction for March 2019.
In the beginning price at 15992 Dollars. Maximum price $19850, minimum price $15992. The average for the month $17596. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $18551, change for March 16.0%.

BTC to USD predictions for April 2020.
In the beginning price at 35914 Dollars. Maximum price $36398, minimum price $31636. The average for the month $34491. Bitcoin price forecast at the end of the month $34017, change for April -5.3%.


Crypto Group Team

Crypto Group Team – naše poslání  a vize – Jsme zde pro všechny, kteří hledají informace ze světa KRYPTOMĚN.

Co nabízíme? 

  • Poradíme Vám kam investovat v KRYPTOMĚNÁCH 
  • Naplánujeme vám strategie, jak uchovat váš majetek
  • Poradíme, jak si zajistit budoucnost díky KRYPTOMĚNÁM
  • Osobní rozvoj a vzdělávací podpora pro PLNOHODNOTNÝ život

Doporučujeme shlédnout toto VIDEO: Investiční večer: Lesk a bída kryptosvěta aneb Proč dnes (ne)sázet na bitcoin a spol.?

Pro registraci  do Projektu Crypto Gold klikněte zde: Registrace Crypto Gold

Návod na Registraci najdete zde – Video

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Kurzy a převody KRYPTOMĚN

Stačí kliknout na obrázek níže:

PREEV je jednoduchý konvektor z KRYPTOMĚNY na USD nebo EUR





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Časté otázky

Co jsou kryptoměny a Bitcoin?

První kryptoměnou byl Bitcoin a vznikl jako reakce na finanční krizi v roce 2008. První blok Bitcoinu na BLOCKCHAIN byl vytěžen 3/1 2009. Bitcoin je průkopníkem a těží se energeticky náročným způsobem Proof of Work, novější kryptoměny už jsou těžen jednodušším způsobem Proof of Stake, dokonce si můžete vyrábět vlastní kryptoměnu jako subcoin nějaké stávající. Je jen otázkou, jakou důvěru u investorů bude mít aktuálně je víc než 1.500 různých kryptoměn.

Jak na kryptoměny reagovali banky? Co pro ně kryptoměna znamená?

Banky hrají dvojí hru, navenek celou oblast kryptoměn pomlouvají, ale při poklesech kurzu, o které se sami často zaslouží , příkladem je září 2017 a negativní vyjádření ředitele JP Morgan Jamie Diamona, patřil JP Morgan k největším nakupujícím. Prozradila švédská burza. Je to dvojí hra bank. Něco jiného tvrdí a něco jiného dělají.

Pokud banky reagovali tak, proč bysme měli věřit v hodnotu a růst kryptoměn a proč banky reagují, jak reagují? 

V tomto případě je jedinou komplikací vysoká volatilita kryptoměn, která se může rizikově projevovat při tradingu. Při miningu (těžbě) se pohybujete pouze v plusových hodnotách a sami si určíte, v jakém kurzu vytěženou kryptoměnu vyměníte na fiat nebo reinvestujete.Banky promeškaly období, kdy mohly Bitcoin zničit (pád burzy Mr.Gox) a nyní se snaží vzdělat na propadech kurzu, které často svými vyhlášeními způsobují.

Mohou tedy banky zasáhnout do vývoje a cen kryptoměn?


Pouze tím, že napumpují více peněz do systému a tím zvýší kapitalizaci a hodnotu kryptoměn na trhu.Nemohou je ovšem nijak regulovat díky jejich decentralizované povaze. Ale vidíme snahu některých států vstupovat do hry a prostřednictvím zákonů omezovat používání kryptoměn. Zlikvidovali by je pokud by vypnuli elektřinu nebo internet. Obojí si nemohou dovolit.

Jak se tedy vyvíjeli kryptoměny o proti penězům a má na růst cen vliv inflace?

Pokud vezmeme období březen 2017 až březen 2018, tak Bitcoin vzrostl z 1.000 USD na 10.000 USD prakticky desetkrát.Ostatní kryptoměny ještě rostly daleko víc (Ethereum, Litecoin), ale i tak to vůbec nelze srovnávat s vývojem na akciovém trhu, kde je běžný meziroční růst u TOP firem pouze v desítkách procent. Nikoliv ve stovkách nebo tisících %. Bitcoin má omezený počet kusů na 21 milionů, z čehož je vytěženo 16,8 milionu. Navíc cca 30% Bitcoinů je ztraceno na skládkách nebo zmraženo na nefunkčních počítačích. To zvyšuje jeho hodnotu. Bitcoin nelze zkopírovat ani dotisknout jako je běžné u papírových peněz. A tím pádem je nemožné ho znehodnotit. Je předpoklad, že i přes vysokou volatilitu jeho cena stále výrazně poroste. A bude se vám velmi efektivně zhodnocovat! Oproti tomu jen v ČR je 2,1 bilionu korun drobných střadatelů úplně k ničemu. Pouze se tam znehodnocují. A umírněná těžba je receptem pro zhodnocení těchto prostředků.

Jak si stál např. Bitcoin v posledních 5 letech a kde ho mohu koupit?

Na to, kde koupit Bitcoin se mne ptala i paní prodavačka v supermarketu. Ale daleko výhodnější je ho těžit. Hlavní problém je v masmédiích, neboť oni dělají vyloženě vše proti Kryptoměnám, neboť jsou propojeny v ruku v ruce s bankami a pro ně je kryptoměna hrozba.

Může se tedy stát situace, že jednoho dne dojdou Bitcoiny a jak se Bitcoin chrání proti hakerům?  Je to tedy bezpečná investice?


Pokud jsou coiny na Blockchain, jsou v bezpečí, problém je na burze a nebo v peněženkách, tam jsou zranitelné. Proto doporučujeme důkladné zabězpečení a vlastní klíč u peněženek, případně hardwarové peněýenky jako Trezor – tam se k vašim kryptoměnám nikdo nepovolaný nedostane!


Při ceně Bitcoinu mně napadá jedna myšlenka? Jak si může smrtelník koupit 1 BTC když stojí 220.000 Kč? Existuje něco, jako podíl na Bitcoinu? 

Ano, u Cryptogold ho můžete velmi efektivně LIFETIME těžit, už od 50 USD, jednorázový registrační poplatek je 79 USD. Takže si můžete v podstatě vyrábět své peníze. Doporučujeme ze zkušenosti našich klientů inestovat cca 500 USD, tento podíl je velmi efektivní, když pomyslíme, jak rychle nám investice poroste. Je to investice, kterou si může dovolit v ČR opravdu každý.

Pokud se, jako smrtelník dnes setkávám s kryptoměnou, Kdo a jak určuje cenu kryptoměn a asi nás nejvíce zajímá i Bitcoinu?

Cenu určuje pouze nabídka a poptávka a je vyjádřena tržní kapitalizací. Bitcoin má aktuálně cca 40% podíl na celkovém trhu kryptoměn


Je tedy lepší pro investora těžit nebo koupit kryptoměnu?

Bitcoiny můžete koupit a a čekat. Velmi výhodné je těžit v cloudu , nemůžete se oproti tradingu dostat do mínusu, pokud zvolíte velkou kryptoměnu např. z top 10 nejznámějších.  Návod na REGISTRACI a nákup těžby Bitcoinu v Crypto Gold

Co ceny zlata a komodit, ovlivní trh v případě propadu akciových trhů?

Ceny zlata a stříbra vystřelí nahoru. Spouštěčem růstu drahých kovů mohou být i vojenské konflikty ve světě. A že těch ohnisek napětí máme hned několik….


Predstavujeme Vám CryptoGold Slovensko

My CryptoGold Limited – Slovensko

Cryptogold Limited bol založený v auguste 2016, oficiálný štart a založenie  firmy v  Dubaji bolo v máj 2017. Majitelia a zakladatelia sú Mao Lal, Sasha Senft a Michael Bauer. Prvý produkt je ťažba kryptomien BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH a ZCASH, kde se jedná o lifetime ťažbu, čo znamená, že si jedenkrát kupíte balíček a ten Vám bude každý deň ťažit niekoľko rokov až do doby pokiaľ sa bude ťažba vyplácať. Nemáte žiadné ďalšie náklady. Doživotne máte aktívnu ťažbu. Jediná investícia je poplatok 79 dolárov pri nákupe prvého balíčku.

Ťažba je pritom len začiatok, z celej rady produktov. Medzi Altcoinmy viete dokonca prepínať, to znamená, že ak si kúpíte napríklad LTC, tak ho môžete kedykoľvek prepnúť napr. na DASH a naspäť. Bitcoin sa nedá prepínať, pretože beží na inom hárdvéri. Do budúcna môžu byť i ďaľšie kryptomeny. Každý deň dostáváte 50% zisku z ťažby, ďaľších 50% ide na nákup najnovšieho hárdvéru, tak aby sa Vám ťažba vyplácala čo najdlhšú dobu.

Firma chce neustále využívat obrovský potenciál technológie blockchain. Ešte tento rok na podzim bude spustená vlastná kryptomena 100% krytá zlatom, čo bude hlavná devíza tejto spoločnosti.

CryptoGoldCoiny budú kryté 1 gramom zlata, depozit bude v Nemecku a Švajčiarsku, alebo bude možnosť mať mince priamo doma. Pokiaľ zostane v depozite, majiteľ bude mať podiel z každej transakcie. Nakúpiť sa budú dať iba cez sieť partnerov.

CryptoGold otvára bránu k obchodu budúcnosti s kryptomenami. CryptoGold garantuje prvotriedne, výkonné a neustále dolovanie pre každého! Ako člen Cryptogold komunity, získavate široké možnosti kariérneho uplatnenia a špičkové podmienky. CryptoGold podporí Váš vstup do obchodu budúcnosti s kryptomenami.

CryptoGold Germany – CEO Mao Lal

Má 43 rokov, má sedemročného syna a žije v Berlíně. Dohovorí sa Nemecky, Anglicky a Hindu. Osobne na všetko dohliada a neustále lieta medzi EU, USA a Ázie. Keď začínal, tak chcel vždy podnikať na serióznom trhu v Nemecku, Rakúsku a Švajčiarsku. V 1998 sa začal zaujímať o zlato a v 2003 založil s rovnakými partnermy ako Cryptogold, firmu Deutsches Edelmetallhaus, ktorá teraz patrí k najvetším firmám na trhu drahých kovov.

Mao Lal ( CEO) CRYPTOGOLD, together with the  Co-founder Stewe Wozniak.

Cryptogold CEO Mao Lal has been running precious metal dealing company Deutsche Edelmetallhaus over 15 years. Together with the Crypto Gold Team and JT Foxx  will  release the gold backed coin in January 2018 in Munich/Germany.

 V 2008 pridali do portfólia daľšie drahé kovy a založili ďaľšie firmy zamerané na nehnuteľnosti, vzdelávanie atď. V 2010 sa prvý krát začal zaujímať o Bitcoin a od tej doby sa zaoberá ťažbou. V 2016 založil Cryptogold a on do firmy sám vložil 1,5 milióna euro na nákup prvého hárdvéru. Jeho základná myšlienka celú dobu je: Ako dostať zlato na blockchain, tak aby to bylo výhodné pre čo najviac ľudí, aj pre takých ktorý by na zlato normálne nemali. Tiež napísal 3 knihy. Prvá o nehnuteľnostiach, druhú o zlate a tretiu o kryptomenách. Má za sebou klasické spoločnosti,  a chce postaviť velkú globálnú firmu.

Účet na ťažbu si možete založit TU .  Čas  cca 4 minuty.

Návod na založení účtu najdete TU.