Cryptogold News August 2018

Dear users,

we would like to inform you, that the SWAP function is available at the moment in Your BackOffice.

News, trends, background information and more…Here are all the Informations You shall know:

News will be available on our new CryptoGold-Blog. Starting from today you can find all information regarding the topic of crypto on our platform Our team of writers will present new content on a regular basis. No matter if you are a freshman in terms of crypto or a VC-pro, the articles provide information for all, who seek to get more background information on this branch.

The mining results were adjusted again – and in a positive way. With our results, we once again achieve outstanding values in the market comparison.

The losses of the last days will be compensated very fast.

Absolutely NEW and unique to a mining company, CryptoGold is offering its own blog. You must enable cookies / login problem If a user receives this message, he has to switch on and use the LogIn area.

Saved bookmarks cause this error 99% of the time.

Rounding the display in dollars

Due to increased inquiries, we would like to point out again that we all manage our accounts in VC. The dollar value is for guidance only and is not intended as a guide.

The mining earnings

We also want to explain that mining earnings that were less than $ 0.01 at the time of booking are $ 0.00 in the ad. This does not mean that no mining was generated! We round out the display intended for orientation – as usual in commercial practice – to the second decimal place. An ad below a cents would not make sense.

Please keep this knowledge in mind when looking at your accounts.

New Youtube Content online about the Mining Bonus!

A new video has been uploaded on our Youtube Channel. The video contains ( in German) information on how mining bonus are calculated.

Have a nice and successful week.


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As reported last week, many users are currently receiving the message “Payout blocked by admin”. This message is displayed for users in whose accounts discrepancies have been detected. They do not necessarily have to be self-inflicted and are already checked on individually by us.

Discrepancies include, for example, a negative value in an account or a too low / no payment for a package purchase. If you such a message is displayed, please check the “Available amount” of all your accounts (BTC,ETH, CASH …) first and the amount paid for your package purchases. We are also currently conducting identity checks (KYC). This can also be a reason for a payout lock.

As a company, we are obligated by law to collect and document all customer data according to the EU’s fifth money laundering directive. If we do not receive any documents for review, payouts can also be blocked for the affected account. KYC has to be passed through by the user before his or her first login. Here the user is once again given the possibility to change his customer data in the profile. The corresponding documents must then be sent to If users have multiple accounts, it is sufficient to send the requested documents once to us. Please make sure to give us all your user names.

We would also like to draw attention to the fact that the documents must be sent to the email address mentioned above. If documents are sent to support @ or info @, the processing time can increase significantly. We will unlock you as soon as possible, but the identity check is very time-consuming due to the high number of user. It will take even more time when the documents are not send the right way. We therefore ask you once again for your cooperation: All required documents must be sent to