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Actual Mining Result Previews 16th of March 2018

Hardware Share BTC50 0.0000099 BTC/Day = 0,08USD
Hardware Share ETH50 0.00008215 ETH/Day = 0,05USD
Hardware Share Z-CASH50 0.00004458 ZEC/Day = 0,01USD
Hardware Share LTC50 0.00017733 LTC/Day = 0,03USD

Innovation in the ad Cash Account & Coin Account

Dear user,

In the Cash Account and Coin Account all entries are added or subtracted. Even if you do not have your own mining package in the respective coin, you may get level-up bonuses (“mining bonuses”) from your affiliate and have them paid out. Therefore, a cumulative result can be found in all coin accounts, even if you did not buy a package yourself.

All your table entries in “Sum” result in 50 entries per page and cumulates a result. This can, because it was in the meantime possible to go into the minus, have or have Soll.  One or more pages result cumulatively and are referred to as Available Amount. This value may, as previously mentioned, also have a debit or credit.

Missing entries added

The code review inevitably resulted in a correction of cumulative values, with care being taken to just add entries and not delete them, no matter how unjustified they were. This means that your entries have not been deleted, corrected or changed, but only missing entries have been added.  You can check this yourself by subtracting the totals per page and the final result should match the available amount.


The code for commissions has been reviewed and supplemented where necessary. This includes all commission types and means that there are no more gifts for you. Please note the PayPlan when you write a ticket and check your claim first. Ask your mentor/sponsor first, if it is not about technical details!

The CG Guide (View Payplan Download – Upload)


The Cryptogold Guide

You can call PayPlan at any time in the members area under tools.

More technical innovations from the last time for you, which are important to know:

• The BTC value is now fixed.
• The running cronjobs have been optimized.
• Security mechanisms have been optimized.

In addition, we have initiated the project CG2.0 for the future in order to expand these optimizations and make them available as a more innovative system. Source:  CryptoGoldLTD

CryptoGold LTD

At first, they founded CryptoGold in 2016 and build the infrastructure.

In 2017 they started to hire Top leaders and began pre-sale of their mining products.

In June 2017 the official Affiliate Program started the pre-launch in which we are still at this time.

Right at the moment, CryptoGold is active in 67 countries with 86.000 partners.

The mining equipment is more than 50.Mio $ of worth and will raise up to 100 Mio $ until the end of 2017!

CryptoGold owns 4 own mining farms in the USA and one only for big investors from 500.000$ in China. Until the end of the year, 2017 CG will have 7 Mining Farms, one also in Sweden.

And next year announced to be the largest mining company in the world besides China.

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