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CryptoGold is the Leading Bitcoin Mining Group and Gold Coin Mining

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At first they founded CryptoGold in 2016 and build the infrastructure. In 2017 they started to hire Top leaders and began pre sale of their mining products. In June the official MLM started the pre launch in which we are still at this time.
Right at the moment CryptoGold is aktive in 67 countries with 56.000 partners. The mining equipment is more then 50.Mio $ of worth and will raise up to 100 Mio $ until the end of 2017! CryptoGold owns 8 own mining farms in the USA , Austria, Norway, Sweden and China.

It is invested in Crypto-currencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, zCash, Dash or LiteCoin. The existing mining facilities will be massively expanded and investments will also be made in new mining facilities.

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How can we make money here?

We provide CryptoGold with an amount of X with which you buy Mining Hardware again, so we participate in a “Mining Pool”. Here, of course, there are different entry sizes, which are divided as follows

  • 1. $ 50 -> Mining pool Beginner
  • 2. $ 100 -> Mining pool Copper
  • 3. $ 500 -> Mining pool Bronze
  • 4. $ 1.000 -> Mining pool Silver
  • 5. $ 2.000 -> Mining pool Gold
  • 6. $ 3.500 -> Mining pool Platinum
  • 7. $ 5.000 -> Mining pool Diamond

The amounts are always the same, there are differences only in the cryptocurrency for which we decide. We can choose from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Gold and CGC.