What is CryptoGold mining?

CryptoGold mining allows you to purchase shares in mining hardware without having to deal with complex hardware and software. We are a team of Mining experts with their own mining hardware.

Which currencies can I mine in?

We currently offer mining of BTC, ZCASH, DASH, LTC and ETH. Each currency has an incredible perspective and are each an advancement in their own section.

What does LifeTimeMining mean?

Your mining is active and the daily pay-outs are ensured for as long as the contract is profitable (meaning the pay-outs cover the running costs). In theory, this may take a lifetime, but this practically depends on the level of complexity, the market prices of the digital currencies and the running costs. Should the practice become uneconomical because these variables have changed (deteriorated), then the mining is discontinued.
But we have the possibility to change the mining at any time so that we can always react to the market situation. If individual coins become uneconomical, CryptoGold can change to another coin and thus counter the inefficiency.
In any case, there is no claim to delivery of the hardware!

How do I register as a new user or affilate partner?

You can register via a “sponsors”, a person who is already active in the affiliate system.  Click on SIGN UP button. We will help You and support You, when registerd. For more questions, please CLICK HERE. We know how important it is to get answers to your questions.

What  is CGC?

Cryptogold Germany is restoring digital gold with the digital gold coin CGC for all CryptoGold members.

How does the mining work?


It is very simple and quick! Your customer account is activated once we have received payment for your order. Your mining can begin from this point. You already specified BTC, ZCASH, DASH, LTC or ETH when making your order. Your pay-out is made to your personal wallet address for the respective currency.

When does the mining start?

The Mining start depends on the incoming payment and takes place automatically. When the transaction has arrived, the process starts and your personal mining begins.

What payment methods are available?

We currently accept the following payment options:

 • Payeer • PaPal  • Advcash • Blocktrail

• Sofortüberweisung  Coinpayment

• ADVCash • Perfect Mone

Please Note: Additional fees may apply depending on the provider. These are not paid to CryptoGold, but are invoiced expenses of the providers. Please pay attention in your own interest.

 What is included in the activation-fee?

The $79 activation-fee is a one-time payment and covers all costs associated with setting up, maintaining and validating your customer account.

This includes:
• Setting up and activating your customer account
• Reviewing and supplementing the information in consultation with the customer
• Implementing the order
• Processing and calculating commissions
• Securing pay-outs (wallet and commissions)
• Ensuring the re-purchase

When will I receive my pay-out?

You will be credited within 48 hours after requesting your pay-out.

How do I get my payout?

You need a valid Wallet address. You enter your Wallet addresses by yourself in the Member Management.


How much mining profit is credited?

The information on our website is 100% Mining result. Up to 50% of this amount is returned to Lifetime mining.

All packages are proportionally graded, with the exception of the $ 5000 packages. These get a bonus of 3% on top. It has to be a classic, single 5000 $ package. Denominations and additions of different currencies are excluded.

How high is the value development?

Mining Bitcoin and other digital currencies mostly depends on the current price and the complexity factor. Casting a profitability prognosis would be the equivalent of glancing into a crystal ball. There are plenty of different independent sources and references, as well as calculators and charts on the Internet. We therefore recommend that you do your own research and make your own calculations. Please note that we always keep economic viability in mind and it is for this reason that we explicitly point out that you may encounter a total loss of all your investment.

Imagine if you had invested in Google back in 1993 or in Apple, when the brands had just come out on the market and nobody knew exactly what lay ahead. How much profit would you have earned so far?

Where are the mining facilities?

USA, China, planing Sveden.Economic viability is the most critical factor. This includes operating costs and personnel costs. Not a Member? Create a New  Account and start mining.

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Hardware availability?

The availability of the hardware is ensured in principle. If we encounter a bottleneck, the hardware in the shop shall no longer be available for purchase.

Is there a affiliate pay plan?

Yes, please contact us for more informations (we will send You Cryptogold PayPlan) at info@mycryptogold.eu

Who do I contact with questions?

Customer service is our highest priority! We know how important it is to get answers to your questions.
Therefore please use the following options:
For existing customers:  Back office – TICKETSYSTEM.
For all others please use: info@mycryptogold.eu

Crypto Gold has given each investor a great privilege. The Mining!!!! Mining is the creative process of the cryptocurrencies, i.e. the digging of gold at a digital level. This process requires a certain know-how and costly hardware without Crypto Gold. The brilliant thing about Crypto Gold is that your investment does not only generate profit due to the appreciation of the coins, but your investment also produces parallel coins. You can either purchase a complete mining pool from $ 500 to $ 5000 at Crypto Gold or invest in pool shares which can be purchased starting from $ 50. Once acquired, the pool is yours for A LIFETIME. Currently, large systems are already available and are massively expanded to ensure the computing capacity is distributed proportionally. The Mining profits are credited to your account daily, 50% is paid out and 50% is fully reinvested specifically in the purchase of new mining hardware. This automatically generates more profit.