Crypto Gold Coin! STARTING SOON!

It‘s time to combine Crypto with physical Gold

What makes Crypto Gold Coin different?

Gold’s Price Security:

Crypto-Gold Coins are a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with the price security of gold because every coin is 100% gold backed. Every Crypto-Gold Coin represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. Crypto Gold Coin has all the benefits of a cryptocurrency. Combined this with gold and you get a coin that can never be worth less than its gold value. This alone already answers the question “Why Crypto Gold Coins?”

⚜️!!  The First Gold Coin!  STARTING SOON!

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Better Technology Than Bitcoin:

Crypto Gold Coin run on the Ethereum blockchain which gives it numerous advantages over the Bitcoin and other blockchains. Not only is it more flexible and much faster, it is theoretically also more secure.

A better way to buy gold.

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 On 21 FEBRUARY, 2018, will be the launch a currency backed by gold. We truly believe that adding an asset backed by the currency is a game changer!