Cryptogold Infoline News June 2018

  • New in the purchase offer: BCH-Mining hardware shares!

  • Please note, that all Cryptogold Information and Infoline News about CryptoGold in the future via our APP. Download please these app for ANDROID and IOS .

Android- click here.  IOS – click here. 

  • Due to the new General Data Protection Regulation, new guidelines regarding the handling of personal data apply. We have already adjusted our terms and conditions.
    These must be accepted by the users within 14 days after the first login.  Due to legal requirements, all accounts that have not agreed to these terms and conditions are severely restricted in their functionality. The full functionality can be activated via the link “Reactivitaion” placed on the start page.  Of course, the mini-results and the bonuses will be credited in full regardless of the confirmation. The accounts themselves as well as the credits are not touched at any time.
  • The new payout limits have been adjusted as follows:

BTC min. 0.01 and max. 0.3
ETH Min. 0.01 and max. 3
ZCASH Min. 0.01 and max. 7
DASH Min. 0.01 and max. 7
LTC min. 0.01 and max. 10
BCH min. 0.01 and max. 2

You will now also see the limit on the withdrawal request. As soon as this is exceeded or exceeded, an error message appears and informs you about the maximum amount available for payment.  The maximum amount takes into account the fee and has already been deducted there.

You will receive our NEWS in the future via our APP.

  • ETH, LTC, are sold out!
    The last available packages are still for sale.

    Beat now, before all packages are out of print, because we will not offer any other ETH packages at first.

  • SWAP from BCH and BTC

You can buy the BCH packages from 50 USD now. The BCH can not be swapped with other Altcoins. The reason is the underlying hardware. This differs fundamentally and therefore does not allow SWAP from a technical perspective.