CryptoGold Payouts Guide

Dear user,
As an elementary function of the Crypto world, today we are dealing with the question of what there really is to pay attention to when it comes to pay outs.Log in to Your Back Office or Create Your Account now.
1. Balanced accounts

Your accounts should always be balanced. The cash account can be compensated with the help of the button “Transfer to Cash”. All other accounts are cleared by the Daily Mining. We check the plausibility for withdrawals. If this is not correct, no payout will be made, regardless of which coin you wish to withdraw.

2. Wallet is used multiple times

The majority of users have deposited in different accounts the same recipient address (wallet). It is unclear whether these are also used on external sites.Nevertheless, it is generally true that by paying out multiple accounts with the same wallet, the payouts can be automatically aggregated by the blockchain.This only if the payouts land in the same block.

Entering the same wallet on CryptoGold can lead to misunderstandings and give the impression that no payout has taken place. In such cases, Support can not process requests because it is not a systemic error.

Our suggestion:
Keep track of all payouts on the same wallet address and then recalculate the amounts on the wallet, or be careful not to deposit the same wallet that is already in use in another account or on an external page.

3. “To Coin Wallet” vs. “Transfer to Cash”

As mentioned above, the “Transfer to Cash” button is only there to balance the cash account if necessary. If you apply for a withdrawal and use this button, the desired amount will be credited to the cash account. We have noticed many requests for withdrawals, which according to user came to no payout, but we still found the payment in the cash account.

Our tip: If you have made a withdrawal and have not been charged a Transaction Fee, you have selected the “Transfer to Cash” button on the withdrawal and your withdrawal is in your Cash Account.

The button “To Coin Wallet” is always automatically selected, so that when withdrawing to the cash account the button “Transfer to Cash” must be chosen deliberately.

Explanation in short form:

Transfer to Cash = Cash Account
To Coin Wallet = Wallet Wallet
4. E-mail confirmation

After clicking on the “Withdraw” button, you will receive a message that your withdrawal request has been successful. (In blue text also “Withdraw” is below).

A mistake is that the process is already completed. After the click, the withdrawal request must be confirmed. For this we send you an e-mail with integrated link.
Please make sure you are logged in. You must click on this link or copy it into the address bar of your browser.
As soon as you use the link, you will be back in the payout view and will receive confirmation that your request has arrived. (In blue letters below it is “Payout Confirm”).
How do I know that I did not confirm the link?
You can see that on the respective account. With the exception of the “cash account” the fee, the so-called fee, is calculated for all other accounts.
If only the deduction of the fairy is recognizable, the payout has not been confirmed correctly.
If the fee and the desired amount appear in the account in red letters, the request has been successfully completed.
5. Transaction Fee

Many users do not deduct the fairy from the “available amount”.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the system does not deduct these automatically. This is to be done manually . If you receive the message “You can’t request this amount” despite manually deducting the fee, please pay attention to the payout limits:

BTC 0.001 – 0.5
ETH 0.01 – 10
LTC 0.1 – 5
DASH 0.01 – 3
ZCASH 0.1 – 20

The payout limit is the same as described above.
The fairy must be deducted from it.

6. Dashboard

We noticed a lot of requests in the past week for the “wrong” display of the ads in the dashboard. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about the “Daily Mining Cumulated” and “Mining Bonus Since Start” ads.

Daily Mining Cumulated is the ad that shows you all the mining results you’ve received since purchasing a package. This is not a reference value to the “available amount”, because the deductions are not taken into account!
“Mining Bonus Since Start” is the ad that shows you all mining bonuses from your personal structure. Not included are the bonuses from package purchases! These can be found on the “Bonus Since Start” screen.

The “Available Amount” consists of all income and expenses. The above ads are only part of the “Available Amount”


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