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Dear Business Partners, the new week starts and we bring you up to date. The sale of BTC mining packages starts again and the mining results raised also. See Your Back  Office. Going by is worth it!

Please complete Your Personal Details in Profile and send KYC ID documents to this email:

If any questions, please contact Cryptogold Support Team – log in in your Back Office and use The ticket system.

From 23th of July,  the Shop in Your BackOffice will contain this mining products:


Hardware Share BTC50

Hardware Share BTC100

Hardware Share BTC500

Hardware Share BTC1000

Hardware Share BTC2000

Hardware Share BTC3500

Hardware Share BTC5000


Hardware Share BCH50

Hardware Share BCH100

Hardware Share BCH500

Hardware Share BCH1000

Hardware Share BCH2000

Hardware Share BCH3500

Hardware Share BCH5000

PLus CGC50-CGC3500

The mining results will also be adjusted.

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Top Offer: Bitcoin ( BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), CryptoGoldCoin (CGC)

Cryptogold Mining Value Monthly Results – Hardware Share BTC 500 ( December 2017 – June 2018) 

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